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Orchestrate A Pleasant And Informative Experience For Each Person Who Visits Your Art Gallery

If you will be opening a small art gallery next spring that features artwork that local painters and sculptors created, use the tips that follow to help you orchestrate a pleasant and informative experience for each person who visits your new establishment:

Reception Area

Hire a receptionist to greet clients and to provide each of them with a program that outlines some of the artwork that will be seen inside of the gallery. Equip your receptionist with a new wooden receptionist desk that contains plenty of desk space so that a daily planner can be placed on top of the furniture piece. Set a telephone on one corner of the desk so that the receptionist can take calls in between assisting clients who stop by the gallery.

A small cash box that is kept inside of one of the desk's drawers can be used to hold funds that are collected after customers arrive at the gallery. If you place the receptionist's desk in one corner of the entryway, guests will be intercepted as they filter into the building. Any questions or concerns that a client has prior to enter the gallery can be answered by the receptionist or with the assistance of the program that you have prepared for paying customers. 

Guided Tours

Hire a couple of tour guides. After interviewing prospective guides and choosing which ones you would like to hire, prepare the individuals for their new jobs by educating them about the artwork that is on display in the gallery. Walk through the gallery with the guides and identify paintings and sculptures. Tell the guides the names of the artists, a brief history of each person, and when the artwork was created.

Before allowing the guides to provide tours to the guests, quiz each one about the artwork so that you are reassured that each person has retained the information that you presented. The guides can provide commentary to guests during business hours as they lead groups through the gallery.

Visualization/Audio Center

Feature one piece of artwork each month that you think stands out among the other pieces of artwork. Place the artwork in one end of a hallway and set up chairs in front of the piece so that visitors can sit down and relax while looking at the creation.

Record a musical selection that you think describes the piece. For example, if the featured piece is a painting of a meadow and horses grazing, record a song that is calm and softly sung. If the artwork contains vibrant colors and depicts a chaotic scene, record a song that is loud and fast-paced. While viewers take in the artwork, they can listen to the music that you have chosen to help improve their viewing experience. 

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