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Hiring A Business Transcription Service For A Law Firm

With a law practice, you can appreciate the need for transcribed versions of depositions, meetings and other events that take place within the course of normal business. Hiring an excellent business transcription service may be essential. These questions should ensure the service you hire works well with your firm for a long time.

How Do They Select Transcription Personnel?

It's important to understand the princess through which a transcription service hires its personnel.. Not only do they need to be able to work accurately, but you might also prefer that they are given some kind of criminal background check too. After all, your firm may handle sensitive cases or clients and you need to be sure that anyone involved in transcription of materials can be trusted.

How Do They Protect Information?

The information being transcribed could contain information about finances, personal topics and specific sensitive data about your clients. This information is likely to be stored on your transcription service's computers, networks and servers for some time, so you need to understand how they plan to protect that information. They may encrypt data, use two-step authentication or have other security measures in place so that your firm's data cannot be hacked or otherwise accessed by people with ulterior motives.

Can They Handle Large Rush Orders?

Some cases proceed more quickly than you expect, and transcriptions may have to be done in a day or two. Before even hiring a transcription service you need to be sure that rush orders are handled easily.

Another issues which may arise is that you may not have much transcription work done in one month but have a ton of work the next. A business transcription service should be able to handle that kind of unpredictable work load.

Do They Work with Other Law Firms?

Transcription materials are more accurate and more easily done when the person doing the transcription understand the lingo, abbreviations and typical phrases used by lawyers. If a particular transcription service has never worked with a medical malpractice attorney and that's the kind of law you practice, transcribers may have a tough time. Ask about past clients and seek examples of past transcriptions before hiring a service.

A transcription service is a company which can make your law practice function better. Ensure you consider some of the questions here and use them to interview various companies for an ongoing relationship with you

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