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Do You Love Working Outdoors? Use These Tips To Stay Dry In Wet Weather

Working outdoors allows you to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by nature. However, inclement weather can quickly throw a hitch in your plans when you are forced to try to work in wet clothing. In some conditions, getting wet from a heavy rain can even be dangerous since working in soaked clothing in frigid conditions can leave you vulnerable to hypothermia. When you know that foul weather is approaching, use these tips to maximize the effectiveness of your rain gear for work.

Cuff Your Under Layers

Rain gear such as coveralls and coats are designed to go over your normal work clothes so that you can change quickly on the job site. While elastic bands and wrist straps help to keep the top covering in place, it is still possible for your non-waterproof under layers to slip out. To prevent this from happening, simply cuff the bottom of your pant legs and shirt sleeves so that they sit higher up beneath the hem of your waterproof outer layer. Then, tuck your bottom shirt into the waistband of your rain pants to prevent it from slipping below the jacket hem.

Wear a Ball Cap

When you work outside, ball caps are an asset for shielding your eyes from the sun. Yet, they can also be used to enhance the protective features of your rain hood. Try leaving your ball cap on when you put on your rain jacket. Then, pull the hood up over it. This creates an awning effect that pulls the top of your rain hat away from your face. When you wear it this way, the rain runs down from your hat without coming close to your eyes so that you can focus on your work instead of wiping water away.

Roll Up the Rain Hood

Sometimes, the rain is just light enough that you need to suit up, but you may not need head coverage at the moment. When this happens, preserve the dryness of your rain hood by rolling it up towards your neck and wrapping it around like a collar. This prevents light rain from pooling in the hood so that it will still be dry if you need to wear it during a sudden heavy downpour.

Everyone who works outdoors should have the appropriate rain gear to guard against getting soaked in potentially dangerous conditions. This season, make sure that you stay dry by implementing strategies that keep water from accidentally slipping inside your work clothes. To learn more, contact a company like Ben's Cleaner Sales. 

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