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Three Tips For Coordinating A Long Distance Move On The Fly

In an ideal world, you would have plenty of time to plan and coordinate your long distance move. However, occasions will likely arise when you have to make a big move in a relatively short time frame. Perhaps you have landed a new job, and you need to start immediately, or maybe you need to help care for an ailing loved one. Regardless of the reason for the move, there are a few things you can do to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Go Through All of Your Possessions and Get Rid of Items You Don't Need or Use

Before any move, it is always a good idea to go through your home and get rid of items that you don't need anymore. However, with a long distance move, this step is even more important. The more items that you have to move, the higher the expenses for your moving bill will be. By getting rid of old, worn out items, you are literally saving yourself money.

Think carefully before deciding to move large or bulky items, as these pieces can significantly add to your moving bill. Try to get room measurements for your new home so that you can see what furniture will fit in your new space.

2. Hire Movers Who Specialize in Long Distance Moves

When hiring movers, look for movers who have experience in navigating long distance moves. Check reviews for the moving company to make sure that their customers are satisfied.

Decide if you want to pack up your own home or if you want the movers to do it. It is cheaper to pack up your home yourself, and you have control over how things are packed. However, if time is a factor, letting the movers pack everything makes the move much easier for you.

3. Figure Out a Plan for Your Car and Your Pets

Decide how you are going to get your car and your pets to your new home. You do have the option of driving your car and your pets to your new home yourself. When moving hours or even days away from your current home, this might not be feasible, especially if you are on a tight time frame.

You can hire moving services specifically for your car or pet. Certain companies will move your car anywhere in the country, either by driving it themselves or by moving it with a trailer. There are also businesses which will drive your pets to their home, taking take to stop regularly for walks, bathroom breaks, and to ensure that your animals have food and water. 

If you are flying to your new home, another option is to sell your car and purchase another vehicle at your new home. Some airlines do permit you to fly with pets, so that is another possibility to explore. Contact a company like Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc. for more information and assistance. 

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