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The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Painting Franchise

Do you enjoy painting and want to make money doing it? If so, owning a painting franchise is the perfect career for you. Before entering into a new career, though, you should know all the pros and cons that are associated with it. In this guide, you will learn some of the biggest benefits of owning a painting franchise, as well as some of the biggest disadvantages to owning one. You can use this information and make an educated decision about owning your own painting franchise.


  • Be Your Own Boss

One of the best things about owning your own franchise is that you are your own boss. You get to set your own hours, prices, and get to make all decisions regarding the business. After years of working under someone else, it will be a huge relief to be the person in charge.

  • Low Start-up Costs

The materials to start a painting business are typically pretty low when you are just starting out. You need paint, brushes, a ladder, and protective material if you are painting the exterior of buildings. For interiors, you need tape and other items to protect the floors and surrounding items from paint splatters or spills. After a while, you will need more materials if you are expanding or business picks up.


  • Weather

If you live in an area that experiences four seasons, your business may take a huge dive in the colder months. You may be reduced to painting interiors only until the warmer weather comes back. You also need to deal with rain and other bad weather even during the warm months. This can affect your job and delay deadlines for a job.

  • Competition

As with any job, the competition is always a disadvantage. If you live in a big city, there will be a lot of other franchises offering the same type of services. You will have to compete with them and offer prices or better services that make customers choose you over them. If you are fortunate enough to live in a rural area, you may not have any other franchises around, which can turn this con into a pro.


There is always a risk when starting your own business. However, if you enjoy what you are doing and provide excellent services, you may become very successful and soon own a booming franchise that you can expand to other towns.

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