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Choosing Shelving For Your Self-Storage Unit: Three Options To Consider

When it comes to organizing your self-storage unit, shelving can be an important part of your plan. If you aren't sure which types of shelving to use, follow this guide for a few helpful pointers. With the right shelving in place, you can make your boxes and bins easier to find.

Pre-Installed Shelving

Some self-storage facilities offer units with some shelves already installed. These shelves may run along three walls of the unit, or they may be situated on only one wall. If you choose a storage unit with pre-installed shelving, take some time to measure the depth of each shelf. This will help you to determine if they are large enough to accommodate the boxes and bins you'll be storing inside. In some cases, you may want to choose a unit without shelves so you can customize the space to meet your needs.

Baker's Racks

Baker's racks are an ideal option for storing smaller boxes. They can be assembled quickly, and they feature adjustable-height shelving, so you can customize the design to fit boxes of various sizes. Because these units typically come on wheels, they make it easy to reorganize items throughout the year. For example, you can rotate units with boxes of seasonal clothes, so the items you'll need for the next season are in the front of the unit. Clothing you just put into storage can be cycled to the back.

Heavy-Duty Meal Shelving Systems

Heavy-duty metal shelving systems are units that you typically can assemble on your own. They sit flat on the ground and often feature thick, heavy shelving. The shelves can accommodate large and heavy boxes, keeping your items securely stored. You can invest in several units to create a wall of shelving in your storage space, or you can simply use one set of shelves for a few boxes, which leaves the rest of your unit free for furniture and other large items. Look for a unit with adjustable shelving options so you can store large, heavy boxes on the bottom and smaller items on the top shelves. This helps to distribute weight evenly and prevent tipping. You can ask your storage facility if you are allowed to anchor the shelving to the walls with traditional wall anchors and straps, which can also help to keep the shelving unit upright and stable.

Take some time to look at different shelving unit options at your local hardware store, and be sure to check the measurements of each one to ensure they fit in the storage unit you rent. Once your shelving is assembled, and in place, you can begin to sort and store items in your new self-storage unit. Contact a company like Belmont Self Storage for more information and assistance. 

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