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The Effects Of Aging: Finding Solutions For Your Elderly Parent's Lack Of Help

If your elderly parent struggles to complete everyday tasks, such as preparing meals or picking up important prescriptions, you may do your best to help out with their responsibilities. But if you live in another city or state, it can become extremely difficult for you to help your loved one meet their daily needs. The lack of consistent help places a great deal of stress on your loved one's health and well-being, especially if the person has mobility issues. The information below can make your loved one's life better.

The Effects of Aging on Your Loved One

Although the aging process is a natural and expected part of life, it can cause many changes in your loved one's life over time. These changes can affect your elderly parent's quality of life, including how they get around their home and community. If your loved one doesn't have the help they need to overcome these obstacles, they can become depressed, saddened, and discouraged.

Many seniors develop age-related health conditions that hinder their mobility, including hearing loss and multiple sclerosis. The loss of mobility may prevent your senior from going to the grocery store or doctor's office. Your family member might not get the prescriptions and groceries they need to manage their health, or they might not make it on time to their dental or medical appointments. All these potential problems can make your loved one sicker.

Poor mobility can also keep your loved one from completing simple tasks around the home. For instance, if your family member can't stand or walk without assistance, they can have problems cleaning their home or taking baths. Some older people fall when they have trouble navigating furnishings and other obstacles. If your senior falls, they can potentially fracture a bone in their hip, thigh, or spine.

You can keep your loved one safe by getting them the proper help.

The Solutions to Your Loved One's Problems

One of the ways to keep your loved one safe in and out of the home is to sign them up for errand running services. Errand running services help older individuals with small and large tasks, including prescription pickups and dry cleaning drop offs. Some service providers even drop off and pick up large mail packages and boxes. This service comes in handy during the holiday season and other special occasions.

If your senior loved one has problems getting to the grocery store due to driving limitations, you may request grocery shopping services. Depending on your family member's health, they may need to eat a special diet to manage their condition. If the items are located in another community, your family member can't travel the distance needed to purchase them. Without the items, your loved may suffer a setback in health.

Grocery store service providers can help by:

  1. Making a list of the items needed for your loved one
  2. Traveling to the store to pick up the items
  3. Restocking the items as needed

Some providers offer transportation services to their clients. This service may benefit your loved one if they wish to do their own shopping but simply can't travel to the store themselves. If your family member chooses transportation assistance, they can establish a schedule that works best for them.

If you can't decide on the best services for your elderly loved one, tell a service provider right away. A provider may send a representative out to the individual's home to evaluate or assess their needs. Once a provider has a list of what your loved one needs, they'll take action to fulfill them.

Find more information about errand running and other services by contacting a provider today.