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A Brief Overview Of Chocolate

All chocolate starts with the same three basic ingredients, cacao, fat, and sugar. It's what happens from there that makes each kind of chocolate different from one another. 

Cocoa Solids

There are all kinds of products that are made when a cacoa bean is processed, including things like cocoa butter. Cocoa solids are one of the last things that are produced. The cocoa solids can get mixed into the mixture and help create chocolate. They can be processed a little further and then turn into the cocoa powder that you can buy when you go to the store and use to make brownies, cakes, or whatever. 

Milk Solids

Milk solids aren't found in all kinds of chocolate, but when milk is used, it can be condensed, liquid, or powdered. 


In almost any kind of chocolate, the fat used to make the chocolate is cocoa butter. There may be some other options, but generally, it's cocoa butter. 

White Chocolate

Many people say that white chocolate isn't even chocolate, but it is. White chocolate gets its chocolate-y flavor from cocoa butter instead of cocoa solids. It's made with milk and sugar, in addition to the cocoa butter. The reason its white is that the cocoa butter doesn't have the same brown color that the cocoa solids do. 

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate also uses milk when it's being made, but unlike white chocolate, it has cocoa solids to go along with the cocoa butter. Milk chocolate tends to be the default chocolate when it comes to candy bars and such. Americans tend to prefer milk chocolate made in a particular way by a specific chocolate company because that chocolate is so common and it does have a different taste since the various companies use slightly different chocolate processing methods. Since one company produces a lot of chocolate in the US, that's what people are used to. 

Dark Chocolate

In the past, dark chocolate was fairly hard to find, but it is much easier to find these days, as people's tastes are changing. Dark chocolate has no milk of any kind in it. It does have a higher percentage of cocoa solids in it than other chocolates do. The higher percentage of cocoa solids, the darker and more bitter the chocolate is. For example, a 50% dark chocolate is going to have a stronger, less sweet taste than a 35% dark chocolate does. 

Chocolate has been called the food of the gods. Knowing what makes each kind of chocolate that kind of chocolate helps you choose the one you like the best. Contact a supplier, like Zest U.S, for more help.

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