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3 Important Steps For New Hotel Managers Looking For Success

If you're about to work in a hotel as a manager, you'll be tasked with a lot of responsibilities. From managing employees to ensuring guests are happy, you have a lot on your plate. To put your best foot forward and be successful in this position, you'll want to take these steps. 

1. Get a Mentor 

If you've never worked as a hotel manager before, a lot of the systems and rules may be completely foreign. You can speed up the learning curve, though, by getting help from a mentor. Find someone who's been in a similar position as you, who can take you under their wing. 

You'll learn important managerial strategies and get a sense of what's required from your position. Anytime you're struggling with an issue, you can seek counsel from this mentor. They'll help you troubleshoot problems and guide you in the right direction, giving you upmost confidence during your first year of hotel management.

2. Hire the Right Employees 

One of the most important responsibilities you have as a hotel manager is hiring new employees. You need to take this process seriously, as the employees you hire are a direct representation of you. If they mess up or are unprofessional, this makes you look bad because you were the one that hired them in the first place.

As such, you need to screen every candidate thoroughly. Go through their work history and resumes, trying to find professionals who can help you successfully run a hotel. Experience is a plus, but even more important is dedication and the ability to learn. Look for candidates that go the extra mile and stand out during the interview process.

3. Be an Effective Communicator 

There are many attributes you need as a hotel manager, but none are more important than being a good communicator. You need to know how to talk to your staff, especially when problems arise. The better you can express your ideas, the easier it will be to handle challenges. 

For example, if you change one of your hotel policies, you need to keep your staff in the loop as well. You're thus arming them with the knowledge that can help them problem-solve when you're not around. Good communication also involves actively listening. You need to remember feedback you get from both staff and guests so that you can enhance systems and procedures going forward. 

Your first year of hotel management may seem foreign and stressful. That's perfectly normal, but you can be successful in your role by making the right preparations. Develop a leadership style and come in with the right skills. Then, you can successfully manage a hotel for many years to come. For more information on hospitality jobs, contact your local recruiter.

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