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Six Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media When Opening Your Authentic Restaurant

If you plan on opening an authentic fare restaurant or eatery, don't miss out on your target audience. Social media is the perfect platform to find patrons that are eager to sample your cuisine and build your loyal consumer following. Some of the ways that you can make social media work for you include these six strategies.

1.       Tweet, tweet, and tweet again. There are many ways to use Twitter to drive traffic to your door, including consistent and relevant tweets. Share teasers regarding new menu items, staff members, or changes in hours; loyal customers will appreciate staying updated on what is going on at your establishment.

2.       Put some time and attention into your profile. Create a Facebook profile for your restaurant that includes current photos, menus, and information, such as your contact info and web address. Take time to compose alluring photographs of your food to lure in diners and use your wall as a place to discuss the day's specials or featured fare.

3.       Tell prospective patrons a 'story'. Post Instagram 'stories' to keep online visitors abreast of what is going on at your eatery. Preparing a special dish? Share the recipe! Entertaining special guests? Show your customers that you care by sharing regularly and relevantly.

4.       Reward your customers' referrals. Another great way to utilize social media to expand your restaurant's patronage is through referral promotions. When one of your diners refers guests to your establishment, give both parties a discount or free beverage when they eat-in. Consider investing in some inexpensive and fun promotional products, like bottle openers or key chains, to reward customer referrals.

5.       Set up a scavenger hunt. Many small businesses are finding that a scavenger hunt is a great way to engage and reach potential customers; this is a great idea for a distinctive restaurant to garner exposure. Share clues via your social media pages and offer an incentive for successfully finding specific items, capturing them in a photo, and sharing online.

6.       Talk to your diners live. Try a live YouTube or Facebook feed to show off your surroundings, your dining room, and even your kitchen! Introduce staff for brief but personal videos that demonstrate the type of food you offer and the quality of service that your customers can expect at your restaurant.

It is a competitive market out there, so make sure you distinguish yourself by reinforcing and reminding your audience that you offer authentic fare and a cultural experience; this will help to set you apart from other restaurants in your region.

Ensure a great turnout at your authentic restaurant opening and continued success with these six social media strategies. Consumers will seek you out to try the authentic fare offered, as long as you provide them with a way to track you down online. Don't miss out on the many perks of social media platforms when advertising and promoting your eatery!