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How Gutter Access Pool Screens Can Make Your Life Easier

If you have a pool screen enclosure around your outdoor pool that connects to your house, accessing the gutters on the house can become challenging unless you climb up on the roof. There is another solution that can make gutter maintenance more accessible and can also benefit you during stormy weather.

Gutter Access Screens

If your pool enclosure abuts your house and there are gutters on the side of the house where the enclosure tweets the wall, access to those gutters can be very difficult, but there is a way to reach them without having to climb up on the roof. 

Retrofitting the screen enclosure with gutter access pool screens can be the most effective solution. The screens in the enclosure roof are replaced with new screens that have zippered access panels in them so that you can open the panel from a ladder inside the enclosure to reach the gutters. 

The panels are made from the same screen material already in your screened enclosure, and the only visible changes are that there are zippers along the edge of the screen. Most companies providing this service use zippers that are guaranteed to last as long as the screen does, and if you take care of them and are careful when opening or closing the zippers, they could last a long time.

Beyond Gutter Cleaning

Another benefit of adding gutter access pool screens to your pool enclosure is something you may not have considered. While screens do allow air to pass through them, during a thunderstorm, hurricane, or other events with high winds, the screen has enough surface area for the wind to pick up or damage the screen. 

You can open the gutter access panels on your enclose before a storm and reduce the surface area of the screen, allowing the wind to pass through the opening. This is so effective that companies offer these gutter access panels often also offer access panels in the top screen as well, but in this case, they are used to reduce the surface area of the top during a storm. 

If a storm is coming, you can open all the panels, and the likely hood of the high winds damaging the screen enclosure is reduced. Many of these companies even provide straps that allow you to roll the flaps up, so they are not just blowing in the wind and getting torn as a result. 

When it comes to gutter access pool screens, there are many options, so talk to your local screen enclosure dealer if you want to access ease of access and storm protection to your pool enclosure.