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Problems That Can Happen With Air Compressors And What To Do About Them

Air compressors are practical and versatile machines capable of providing air in a convenient way. However, they can face problems throughout their life span. These are pretty common, but there are some solutions for them.

Air Leak

One of the more frequent problems that air compressors face is leaking. It can happen around a lot of components, such as the hoses and seals. Leaks don't automatically mean you have to chuck your compressor and find a new one. Instead, you will just need to locate the source of the leak, which you can simply do with your hands and ears. Listen to the leak and then slide your hands over components until you feel air coming out of the compressor while it's on. You can then spot the damage and assess it, seeing if a patch will be able to cover the leak completely and stop it.

Loud Noises

Air compressors will naturally make noise when they're active, but if you hear your unit acting much louder than normal, something may be wrong with a component and you need to address it before severe damage occurs.

A common cause for an air compressor to be loud is a loose part, which you can fix by simply tightening it. Then there are severe issues that could be causing the excessively loud noise, such as a damaged piston.

The more complex problems should be looked at by an air compressor specialist that can perform repairs in a way that stops all loud noises from occurring. 

Oil Leak

While an air compressor is running, its motor experiences friction. That's okay as long as there is oil to keep the engine and its parts lubricated. If you have an oil leak, then there won't be enough oil to keep the air compressor's engine functioning efficiently and that can cause a breakdown. Oil leaks are a little trickier than standard air leaks, and if you don't have a lot of understanding or experience with air compressors, seek professional help. Someone licensed can figure out where oil is getting through and determine what patch or solution can be used to cease further oil from getting out. 

Even though air compressors are handy resources for the application of air, they come with problems like most other types of equipment. The key is knowing what problems will show up over the years and doing something about them with a sense of urgency.

Contact an air compressor repair service for more information.