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Questions For Homeowners Who Are Unsure About Installing A Water Softener System

While access to water is an indisputable need for human life and health, not all water is the same. In fact, many areas are impacted by water that has very high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. This mineral-laden water is often referred to as "hard water" because of the visible scale deposits and stains it leaves on surfaces. 

More frequent cleaning and descaling can be helpful in removing the excessive mineral deposits left by hard water, but the installation of a water softener system can offer more potential benefits. Homeowners who are wondering if a water softener would be beneficial for their home and family can use the following questions to help them decide. 

Are you experiencing clogs in small appliances and faucet aerators?

The automatic drip coffeemaker, icemaker, and faucet aerators in the home are often the first victims to fall prey to hard water issues such as minerals buildup and form clogs inside their components. In addition to the potential damage caused by scale from hard water, any coffee, ice, or water from these sources may develop an unappetizing taste or appearance. Installing a soft water system can help keep scale from forming, increase user satisfaction and extend the lifespan of the appliance or aerator.

Are you dealing with low water pressure? 

Low water pressure in the shower is a problem for many families who live in areas where hard water is a problem. While low water pressure can occur due to plumbing issues, it is also commonly caused by scale buildup inside the faucet or within the pipes and connections that feed it. Installing a water softener system can keep scale from forming and help maintain good water pressure throughout the home. 

In addition to improving water pressure, homeowners may also notice a reduction in their household usage levels of soaps, shampoos, and detergents because softened water improves product lathering and cleaning capabilities. Family members may also notice a decreased need for skin moisturizers, lotions, and body oils when switching to softened water. 

Are you unhappy with water stains? 

Hard water makes simple cleaning chores much more difficult. For example, hard water deposits often form cloudy, yellow, or rust-colored stains on surfaces such as shower walls and doors, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Even daily cleaning may not be enough to prevent discoloration that can build up and mar or ruin these surfaces. 

Installing a water softener allows homeowners to more easily maintain their bathroom spaces while increasing the lifespan of expensive finishes and fixtures. To learn more about the benefits of having soft water in your home, contact a reputable water softener system dealer in your area.