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Five Benefits Of Choosing Cremation Services

For numerous years, families have had the choice between burial or cremation services when determining what to do with a loved one's remains. This is one of the biggest decisions to make when a loved one passes, and it is a decision that needs to be made based on a number of factors, including finances, spiritual/religious beliefs, and ecological awareness. While burial is considered traditional, cremation has become quite common over the years. If you are trying to decide between burial and cremation, consider the benefits of a cremation service.


One of the main factors that influence the decisions that people make is cost. You can expect to pay a fraction of the cost of a burial for cremation. Due to the fact that you do not need to purchase a casket, headstone, etc., you and your family can use the money that you save for those items to take care of other expenses, including a memorial service.

Flexibility and Simplicity

One great thing about cremation is that there is no rush to get things done. In many cases, families will hold off on planning a memorial service for weeks after the loved one has passed away and the remains have been cremated. This allows the family time to grieve before they begin to prepare a service. It also allows plenty of time to contact all of the family and for a time to be arranged for everyone to get together so that the ashes can be spread in a meaningful place to the deceased.

Cemetery Availability

As sad as it may be, there are people dying every single day. Unfortunately, this means that cemeteries are filling up and have fewer plots available. Therefore, if you do not already have a plot purchased, you may find that plots become more expensive. Cemeteries know that they can raise their prices because people need them.

Less Strict Religions

Over the years, more and more people are becoming less traditional, and because of this, they are looking at cremation with a much more relaxed viewpoint. For example, Catholics have always believed that the soul is completely immortal and does not rely on the physical body. Due to the fact that the remains have no impact on the soul, there aren't any objections to the cremation practice. Thanks to the Catholic Church having a relaxed belief on cremation, others also are beginning to look at cremation in a better light.

Environmental Concerns

If your family is planning to have a funeral service and bury the cremains, then there will be concerns over the impact on the environment. There are some people out there that think cremation is an eco-friendlier option due to the fact that it does not harm the environment as much as burying a casket in the ground with a body full of embalming fluid. This is because, in a traditional burial, the harmful chemicals are placed into the ground, creating the risk of contamination of the soil.

If you would like to learn more about cremation services, contact a company like Aspen Mortuaries.