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Choosing The Right Flag Poles For Your Next Advertising Campaign

Flags remain an effective tool in the advertiser's repertoire. After all, they're inexpensive but good for getting people's attention. As a result, flags excel at generating sales leads for the rest of your marketing efforts to convert into paying customers. However, you'll need suitable flag poles before you can fly your flags to full effect.

Here are three questions you should ask yourself when choosing flag poles for an advertising campaign:

What Kind of Flags Are You Using?

The standard flag is a rectangular piece of fabric that flies in the wind. It's well-suited for the outside but will look limp and lifeless indoors. Fortunately, you have plenty of other flag designs to choose from. For example, a banner that hangs vertically rather than horizontally can remain always unfurled by being attached to the flag pole along its entire length. Meanwhile, a feather flag is easy to set up but offers an eye-catching shape. Always figure out what flag you want to fly before you choose a flag pole. A pole meant for one kind of flag isn't necessarily compatible with another.

Where Are You Putting the Flags?

Flags can be used in a wide range of locations. Sometimes, they're meant to be seen far and wide while flying high in the sky. Other times, they have more decorative uses closer to the ground. Flag poles will experience different conditions at different locations. You'll want something strong and weather-resistant for the outdoors. This is particularly true if the flag pole is meant to stand permanently in place. In contrast, you can get away with something lighter for the indoors. Indeed, that might even be an advantage if you want to move the flag pole from place to place.

What Material Best Suits the Expected Conditions?

Fiberglass flag poles have become extremely popular because they're strong, lightweight, and low maintenance. Despite this, other materials still see widespread use. Aluminum is an often-used metal. It's also strong and lightweight. Better still, aluminum develops a protective coating through oxidization, thus preventing the elements from coming into contact with the underlying metal. Surprisingly, wood also sees a considerable amount of use. Reduced cost plays a role. With that said, wood is also popular because its warm, natural appearance makes it a better fit for some settings. 

Further Considerations

You should investigate the full range of flag poles available if you're advertising with flags. Contact a company like Framingham Flag & Pennant Co for more information.